Build Your Own Lumber Rack “Mullet Style”

My workshop will always need to be a garage first and woodworking shop second. To help with my lumber storage, I decided to build my own lumber rack. I searched Pinterest for ideas, but I couldn’t quite find a design that mounted to a wall while still being able to storage large sheets of plywood and long boards simultaneously.

I decided to make my own design where sheets of plywood would be stored in a large framed shelf, while sporting the traditional arm shelves for storing long boards. I also added some small cubbies for storing small cut-offs and specialty pieces of lumber. In a phrase, this lumber rack is all about boards in the front and big sheet goods in the back – head the name “Mullet-style” lumber rack. While you mull the name over, check out the build video below.

I am really happy with this design. It’s strong,¬†functional and has really cleaned up my garage. I don’t use my plywood all that often, so I’m glad it’s stored out of the way while still keeping my long boards and cut-off pieces accessible. I also made the rack high enough off the ground so I could store a mobile workbench that I plan to build in the near future.

If you decide to use this approach for you own lumber rack, just be mindful about how much stress is can place on your wall. The further away from the wall that any given piece of lumber places a load on the rack, the more stress will be placed on your studs and drywall. I tried to make the design as compact as possible while still being able to fit a day-to-day load of lumber for on-going projects.


Links to Tools I Used

If you’re curious about some of the products I used on this project, check them out on Amazon. When you click on the links below, Gadgets and Grain gets a little commission when you check out – I would greatly appreciate it!

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