DIY Bike & Scooter Rack: A Great First Step in Garage Organization

Your garage does a great job of keeping your car in its own parking spot. But what about the other “vehicles” in your family? If you have any number of children, you’ve realized that they can accumulate quite a few bikes and scooter, and unfortunately, they don’t always have clear parking spots. At my house, bikes and scooters are often dumped parked in a corner as shown in the video above. In an effort, to take back precious garage floor space and help my kids be a little more tidy, I set out to design and build the ideal bike and scooter rack.

Watch the video above to see how you can build your own, and if you’re ready to jump into it, follow the step-by-step instructions below.

Build Closet Barn Doors Using Cheap Lumber and Hardware from Amazon

Sliding barn doors add great character to any room, and when you have the space, they do wonders to accentuate a bedroom closet. I recently replaced the closet doors in my daughter’s bedroom with these closet barn doors made from cheap pine lumber, plywood and hardware purchased on Amazon. If you’d like to add a dramatic look to a room with a rather simple woodworking project, take a look at the build video below:

For step-by-step instructions, detailed photos of the finished project and a list of what you’ll need to buy for this project, read on…

Innovative DIY Wall-mount Lumber Rack For Boards and Sheet Goods

My workshop will always need to be a garage first and woodworking shop second. To help with my lumber storage, I decided to build my own lumber rack. I searched Pinterest for ideas, but I couldn’t quite find a design that mounted to a wall while still being able to storage large sheets of plywood and long boards simultaneously.

I decided to make my own design where sheets of plywood would be stored in a large framed shelf, while sporting the traditional arm shelves for storing long boards. I also added some small cubbies for storing small cut-offs and specialty pieces of lumber. In a phrase, this lumber rack is all about boards in the front and big sheet goods in the back – head the name “Mullet-style” lumber rack.